Hello, my name is Gia...

I am the creator of this website. I am a female who enjoys coding and designing websites.

Feel free to explore my website! Please contact me via email with any inquiries.

Quick Background

I grew up in a small town in central Massachusetts. As someone who is mixed– part Asian and part Caucasian– in a predominantly Caucasian community, many of my experiences were different compared to my peers. When applying for colleges, I ended up writing my college essay about how growing up as a mixed child affected me.

Throughout my school career, I have always succeeded in math and science, and soon after, fell in love with those topics. These factors helped push me into joining a math and science school for my junior and senior year of high school. Since a young age, I have excelled in various art forms from 2D art such as drawing and photography to 3D art such as model clay to performing arts such as chorus and theater. You could call me a Renaissance [wo]man… but anyways, I managed to combine my two passions with web design. This website is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript entirely coded by me!

Work Experience

For those interested, here is my resume.