There are many types of frosting, but I like to use American Buttercream or simple whipped cream as a base for a lot of my frostings/fillings. For various flavors, you can substitute the extract or powdered sugar fully or partially with other flavors or powders.

Makes: Enough for 12 cupcaks or a small cake


How to:

1. Into a medium-sized bowl, combine butter, extract, and salt

2. Slowly mix in the powdered sugar, about 1/3 cup at a time

3. Add more powdered sugar to thicken the frosting and the milk/cream is to help thin the frosting when it is too thick from powdered sugar

Flavor Suggestions

Funfetti Cupcake Frosting Suggestion: Use half vanilla and half almond extract

Chocolate Frosting Suggestion: Substitute some of the powdered sugar with cocoa powder; if using "regular" cocoa powder, color of frosting doesn't necessarily signify flavor potency

Vanilla Cake Frosting Suggestion: If you have someone who likes citrus/lemon, using Princess Cake flavoring addings a nice little zing to a frosting

Maple Frosting Suggestion: Maple syrup will add a light flavoring, but maple extract will add that extra punch