Educational Background

Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Before college, I applied and was accepted into a public two-year high school for my Junior and Senior years of high school called Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science (MAMS) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). While Senior year of high school is completed on WPI as an undecided college Freshman, Junior year is held in a building on WPI to ensure students are prepared for the next year on campus. Junior year at MAMS provided me the tools to be successful during college and sparked my love for coding. Although my previous schools had taught me about science, MAMS gave me hands-on experience and allowed students to go through similar processes engineers/scientists today go through.

Wentworth Institute of Technology

After graduating MAMS, I decided to go to Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) to stay close to home, but not too close. There I proceeded with the Computer Science (CS) track, but I was able to get some transfer credits from my Senior year of high school. Ultimately, I was able to graduate earlier and had to go slightly off the traditional CS track. I enjoy WIT's curriculum because I was able to take some classes for my pleasure along with the required classes and get real-life experience from the co-op semesters. I was able to get a co-op during the optional co-op semester for Sophomores the summer after first attending WIT. In the middle of my Junior year co-op, COVID hit and everyone was sent home. I was able to work from home to finish off the co-op and then finished school online in May 2021.