Projects Worked On

Personal Website (Ongoing Project)

One of the first computer science projects at MAMS was to create a personal website. Since then, I've redesigned several times and changed the host of my website. Currently my site is coded with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and it is mobile responsive. I enjoy adding fun hidden features throughout the site.

Here is version 2022 of my personal site.


After working at the Wachusett Ski School desk, filling out the same two 5-inch thick binders, and dreaming of an online system for years, I was finally able to make my idea a reality with the help of two other teammates. Together, we were able to create a website, Pryvate, where the ski school desk employees are able to input and edit the necessary tracking information for private and semi-private lessons. Pryvate is created using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and CSS.

Boston Code Camp Counter

For a course to prepare students for their Senior project, we were tasked with creating a website for volunteers of a hackathon to keep track of attendees for each scheduled informational talk. In a group of about 9, I was the only female in the group and ended up becoming the unofficial project manager as well as UI designer. The main purpose of this project was to go through a process similar to what is found in the software working world. We learned and followed SCRUM guidelines; we also learned about other software development methodologies. Because this course was only a few months long, it was expected that the project was not going to be fully functioning. This project was coded in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.

Organized Chaos

For a final project in Mobile App Development, my group's idea is an app, Organized Chaos, to take down notes of tasks to do in the future, in a bullet-journal/sticky-note type fashion, and send reminders to the user if a deadline is set. Due to time constraints, unfortunately we were unable to set up the reminders, but there is full functionality in creating, completing, viewing, and deleting tasks. Organized Chaos was coded in XML, Java, and SQLite.